Friday, April 8, 2011

Specialized BG Fits at High Road Cycles

Isaac at High Road Cycles in Wayne recently gave one of our members a complete bike fit. We knew Katie had power before but with the new fit she will blow away the competition.

Good work High Road Cycles for your very professionally done fit

Monday, April 4, 2011

Boston Beanpot 2.0

April 2nd-3rd
•Racers: Justin (Men's C), Cam (Men's C), Jeff (Men's D), Arielle (Women's Intro), Katie (Women's C)

Cold and chilly but a great weekend for Nova cycling. Although the road race was cancelled due to "expected" snow that never came (you can never trust weathermen AND weatherwomen), both the TTT and ITT proved to be quite a race for the team. This weekend was Arielle's first race weekend and Jeff's race back from his month absence due to bike issues and illness. Justin and Cam, for Men's C2, took 3rd for the TTT. And both finished top 10 in the ITT. Arielle finished top 10 in her race, earning her first points! The tufts criterium was a challenge (for other racers) the next day, with 6 turns, but unaffected Nova's performance. Much emphasis was placed on the importance of the "pre-race", which was the practice lap before each race.
Justin and Cam raced Men's C2. Justin won all the primes and led the entire race but unfortunately crashed on the last lap, but still finished 6th. Cam chilled out in the group behind the top three racers and ended up winning the crit!! He also took 3rd for one of the primes. Arielle finished 5th in her first criterium race! Katie performed as good as could be expected in her first Women's C race. Justin is also the sprint points leader in the Men's C division, at least for this week.

•Justin gives an enthusiastic thumbs up during one of his lead laps

•Cam's sprint finish!

•Cam and Justin in the 2/3 spot

~TTT: C2
-Justin, Cam, Jeff (first mile)
-8 teams (13.6miles)
-3rd Place (0:35:53.60) - 25pts

-Arielle: Women's Intro
-10th (0:24:55.48) - 3pts

-Katie: Women's C
-25th (0:23:29.97)

-Jeff: Men's D
-34th (0:21:59.04)

-Cam: Men's C2
-10th (18:17.33) - 3pts

-Justin: Men's C2
-3rd (17:49.04) - 18pts

~Tufts Criterium:
-Justin: Men's C2
--6th Place - 8pts
--1st in Prime 1, 2, 3

-Cam: Men's C2 (33 Starters, 35mins)
--1st Place - 22pts
--3rd in Prime 3

-Katie: Women's C (38 Starters, 35mins)
--31st Place

-Arielle: Women's Intro (11 Starters, 20mins)
--5th Place - 7pts

-Jeff: Men's D2 (49 Starters, 25mins)
--35th Place

A couple shout outs for this weekend. We would like to thank Justin's aunt, Janet, for supporting the team with cheers and forth e donated first aid kid which helped to heal Justin's wounds. Also thanks to Katie's friends Molly, Tim, and Hadley for cheering. And a big thank you to Cam's Dad for hosting us.

The team at the Boston Commons

VP, Justin, on a horse at Cam's house with the help of Rhonda

The team with Molly and Tim at Fire and Ice in Boston

Location:Westminster and Somerville, MA