Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Can you believe its already New Year's Eve? If you're having trouble coming up with a new year's resolution, here's one to think about: "In 2012, I will make an effort to get on my bike and ride more"!

Have a safe and happy New Year's!

<3 The Villanova Cycling Team

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cycling for Water

Check out these two guys cycling to advocate one of the most overlooked issues in today's world...clean drinking water.

Happy Holidays!

The Villanova Cycling Team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!!

Got a cool cycling story to tell? Let us know!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Benefit to your Prostate

A recent study done by Harvard scientists found coffee to lower the risk of prostate cancer. Just another way to protect your prostate!



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Friday, April 8, 2011

Specialized BG Fits at High Road Cycles

Isaac at High Road Cycles in Wayne recently gave one of our members a complete bike fit. We knew Katie had power before but with the new fit she will blow away the competition.

Good work High Road Cycles for your very professionally done fit

Monday, April 4, 2011

Boston Beanpot 2.0

April 2nd-3rd
•Racers: Justin (Men's C), Cam (Men's C), Jeff (Men's D), Arielle (Women's Intro), Katie (Women's C)

Cold and chilly but a great weekend for Nova cycling. Although the road race was cancelled due to "expected" snow that never came (you can never trust weathermen AND weatherwomen), both the TTT and ITT proved to be quite a race for the team. This weekend was Arielle's first race weekend and Jeff's race back from his month absence due to bike issues and illness. Justin and Cam, for Men's C2, took 3rd for the TTT. And both finished top 10 in the ITT. Arielle finished top 10 in her race, earning her first points! The tufts criterium was a challenge (for other racers) the next day, with 6 turns, but unaffected Nova's performance. Much emphasis was placed on the importance of the "pre-race", which was the practice lap before each race.
Justin and Cam raced Men's C2. Justin won all the primes and led the entire race but unfortunately crashed on the last lap, but still finished 6th. Cam chilled out in the group behind the top three racers and ended up winning the crit!! He also took 3rd for one of the primes. Arielle finished 5th in her first criterium race! Katie performed as good as could be expected in her first Women's C race. Justin is also the sprint points leader in the Men's C division, at least for this week.

•Justin gives an enthusiastic thumbs up during one of his lead laps

•Cam's sprint finish!

•Cam and Justin in the 2/3 spot

~TTT: C2
-Justin, Cam, Jeff (first mile)
-8 teams (13.6miles)
-3rd Place (0:35:53.60) - 25pts

-Arielle: Women's Intro
-10th (0:24:55.48) - 3pts

-Katie: Women's C
-25th (0:23:29.97)

-Jeff: Men's D
-34th (0:21:59.04)

-Cam: Men's C2
-10th (18:17.33) - 3pts

-Justin: Men's C2
-3rd (17:49.04) - 18pts

~Tufts Criterium:
-Justin: Men's C2
--6th Place - 8pts
--1st in Prime 1, 2, 3

-Cam: Men's C2 (33 Starters, 35mins)
--1st Place - 22pts
--3rd in Prime 3

-Katie: Women's C (38 Starters, 35mins)
--31st Place

-Arielle: Women's Intro (11 Starters, 20mins)
--5th Place - 7pts

-Jeff: Men's D2 (49 Starters, 25mins)
--35th Place

A couple shout outs for this weekend. We would like to thank Justin's aunt, Janet, for supporting the team with cheers and forth e donated first aid kid which helped to heal Justin's wounds. Also thanks to Katie's friends Molly, Tim, and Hadley for cheering. And a big thank you to Cam's Dad for hosting us.

The team at the Boston Commons

VP, Justin, on a horse at Cam's house with the help of Rhonda

The team with Molly and Tim at Fire and Ice in Boston

Location:Westminster and Somerville, MA

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yellow Springs RR CANCELLED

Last minute, unforeseen issues has forced the cancellation of this race...unfortunately.
A team ride will probably take it's place this Saturday.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Philly Phlyer Recap (March 19-20th)

Racers: Will Kavanagh, Evan Hollenshade, Rob Abramo, Garrett Olsen, Justin Yeash, Cam Piper, Katie Beringer, Quent Dickmann, Carrie Rose

Garrett: Men's A
--Riding in Maillot Jaune as Series Points Leader
--Circuit -- 8th of 48
--Crit -- 14th of 47
After the race weekend, Garrett remains the series points leader with 273 points! HE REMAINS IN YELLOW FOR ANOTHER WEEK!
Rob: Men's A
--3rd in Crit

Justin: Men's C
--Philly circuit C2: 10th out of 41
--Temple crit C2: 10th of 39
Cam: Men's C
--24th in RR (Circuit Race)
--8th in Crit

Kav: Men's D
--25th Crit
Quent: Men's D
Freshman and first year rider Quent Dickmann placed 21st in the Men's D circuit race and 17th in the Men's D criterium, seeing continued improvement in the second race this week of his career.

Carrie: Women's C
--RR- 10th (3 points)
--Crit- 16th
Katie: Women's Intro
--RR: 7/19 (4 points)
--Crit: 4/16 (7 points)

The team travels two vans strong to this "home" race in local Philadelphia. Representing Villanova Cycling in blue and white kits, with the men's having at least two racers for each race category (except Men's B). For the women, Carrie Rose tackled Women's C in hopes of moving to Women's B in the very near future. Katie Beringer had a notiable performance in Women's Intro, accumulating a total of 11 points from both her races...finishing FOURTH in the crit!
Both Justin and Cam finished top 10 in the Temple criterium. Kavanagh makes his debut in Men's D for his first race of the season, fighting the pain from a previous injury to finish 25th in the crit. Most notable rider of the weekend is awarded to our captain, president, and fearless leader Garrett as he defends the yellow jersey as the series points leader. Yes fellow collegiate competitors, get used to seeing the back-side of Garrett because you will be seeing a lot of it. Be on the lookout, if you're not on guard, he will destroy you.
Garrett's fellow Men's A teammate, Rob Abramo, jammed during the criterium, finishing 3rd!


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Location:Philadelphia, PA

Upcoming Weekend of Races

2 Racing Fronts in one weekend!

Rob Abramo and Garrett Olsen will be heading down to Charlottesville, VA to race the:

Jefferson Cup RR 2011/Nature Valley Pro Selection Race

Former President and Villanova Cycling Alumnus James Miceli will also
be heading down to join his old teammates.

As for the rest of the team...

Men's 4-5:
Justin Yeash
Cam Piper
Quent Dickmann

Women's Open:
Carrie Rose
Arielle Kogut

will be traveling locally to Chester Springs, PA to race the Yellow Springs Road Race this Saturday (the 26th).

Both the Men's 4-5 and the Women's Open races will be a brisk 27miles.

If you're in the areas of Charlottesville OR Chester Springs this weekend, come check out some of the races!!

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Location:Charlottesville, VA and Chester Springs, PA

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Philly Phlyer Race || March 19 & 20

Check out the Philly Phyler Race this weekend if you are in the area! Villanova Cycling will be defending the "Maillot Jaune" as the series leader! Location is easy to get to and whether should be decent. I hear 70 degrees on Friday so maybe the good weather will carry through the weekend.

Local Weather
Official Blog of Collegiate Racer || Garrett Olsen
Leaders Recap Article

(5Laps / 32 miles) Fairmont Park (Just Outside Philly towards Villanova)
*Not too spectator friendly - Come if you just want to tailgate and
hang out.
MENS A @ 2:15PM 


(1.1 miles course / 60mins) Temple University Campus
*Very spectator friendly - short course - many laps so you get to see
the whole race in front of you.
MENS A @ 12:45PM


Columbia Race Weekend Recap

First weekend where the Big Four is in full swing and all present. Unfortunately, because of the cancellation of the Steven's Race due to the heavy rain days before, the team had to travel elsewhere to find some competition to take down.
The next venue for the slaughter was just a few blocks away in central park. Garrett and Rob did their best in the Pro/1/2 race, but the intensity of the day before did not favor the best results in the New York Spring Series. Justin, however, stepped up to the occasion. In the 3/4 race, in a field of 50, Justin came in 6th place winning him 31 points in the series which also corresponded to $31. Let's do the math, registration cost $27, Justin won $31. Any cyclist can and do the subtraction to see that Justin won $4. First time to win money cycling for him. A couple of shout outs are in order as well. We would like to thank Ray Junkins for showing us around Hoboken and Katie Beringer for bringing the "tiger blood."
Columbia Race Weekend (Stevens Cancelled)- March 12-13th Racers: Garrett Olsen, Rob Abramo, Justin Yeash, Cam Piper, Katie Beringer •Overall ECCC Team Omnium 4th place overall with Total: 47 points •Men's A Criterium: 60 minutes --Garrett: 3rd place, 58pts 2nd place in primes 3 and 4 --Rob: 4th place, 52pts •Men's C Criterium: 30 minutes --Justin: 9th out of 58, 4pts 4th place in prime 1 --Cam: 18th place •Women's Intro: 15 minutes --Katie: 7th place, 5pts •Men's CAT 3/4: --Justin: 6th out of 50 •Men's Pro 1/2: --Rob: 18th place --Garrett: 23rd place •Men's NYC Circuit Race: --Rob: Pack Fodder - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Rutgers Race Weekend Recap

Rutgers Race Weekend: (March 5-6)
"Rutgers Scarlet Scurry"

Racers: Garrett Olsen, Rob Abramo, Matt Kwasnik, Carrie Rose, Justin Yeash, Katie Beringer

•Carrie: Women's C's
Points Race: 16th Place

•Katie: Women's Intro
TT: 14th out of 24
Crit: 19th out of 27

•Justin: Men's C
ITT: 5th out of 30 div C2
Crit: 5th out of 33 div C2

•Rob: Men's A
Time trial: 7th
Points race: 5th

•Garrett: Men's A
Individual Time Trial: [2.2 miles]
4th of 52 (4:30.56)
Criterium: [60 min.]
4th of 58
Points Race / Circuit Race: [60 min.]
7th of 46

Great results by team as a whole! Notable finishes by Justin, Rob, and our fearless leader Garrett.


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Location:Rutgers University

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jeff's New Bike

A brand new Trek bicycle!

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Location:High Road Cycles, Wayne

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Navy Race Weekend (Feb 26-27th)

Carrie was the only Nova team member to enter the race for Women's C's. Kicking butt in the criterium, Carrie won all three primes and then finished first! She also took 2nd in the time trial. Way to go Carrie!!


1st Place - Prime 1, 2 and 3
1st Place overall

Time Trial:
Distance: 17mile
2nd Place - 00:55:07


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Location:Annapolis, MD

Updated Pain Cave

We have couches!!

No this is not a "club house" but this is our second home, with our 5 trainers and all our equipment for the race weekends stored here. The pain cave is invaluable and we are very fortunate to have this facility.

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Location:St. Mary's Garage, West Campus

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ACCC a go-go, baby!

This weekend, Garrett Olsen, Rob Abramo, Carrie Rose, Jeff Yau, and Quent Dickmann are heading down to William & Mary to race against the ACCC. This will be the first race weekend for three of our development riders, and the first weekend of Garrett's swan song with Villanova Cycling. We're very excited to race down with the ACCC and see what competition this conference has to offer.

Ride Bikes. Fast.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to THE CAVE!!

Introducing the Villanova Cycling Club's new training facility...THE CAVE!!! Located in St. Mary's on West Campus, The Cave is the new home of the Main Line's collegiate cycling powerhouse, thanks to lots of intense lobbying by our club president, Garrett Olsen '08/'11. Our new space, equipped with four CycleOps trainers from High Road Cycles, allows the team to meet for indoor training sessions on the trainers on campus, as opposed to lugging bikes, trainers, etc. to somebody's off-campus house or apartment for an indoor practice.

The Cave is a big part of the future we're building for Villanova Cycling. Thank you all for your continued support.

Ride Bikes. Fast.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Official Water Bottle of Villanova Cycling!

After months of anticipation, Villanova Cycling is very pleased to present the final design of the team's new official water bottle! We partnered with Specialized to be one of the first teams with access to their new line of Purist bottles. The technology behind Purist is incredible. Each Purist water bottle features a squeeze top similar to those used on CamelBak Podium water bottles, but the real kicker is the silicon dioxide infused interior lining, which keeps any taste, odor, mold, mildew, etc. from seeping into the sidewalls of the bottle. You can put Gatorade in your bottle for a ride on Tuesday, forget to wash out your bottle and next week, if you want water in the bottle, just do a simple rinse of the Gatorade residue and your water won't taste like week-old warm Gatorade! Here's your gamechanger, folks.